Women in the Workplace

An article placed on the Harvard Business Review (HBR) describes several ways women can brush past any “office politics” — something that can happen in any industry. If you are a woman in a “sink-or-swim” environment, follow this advice from the founders of the Flynn Holt Leadership.

Who Can Influence Your Career?

Take a look at your company’s hierarchy chart. Who are the people you want to meet? Which team or manager would you be interested in working for? Consider the entire staff (physicians, surgeons, nurses, administrators, directors) and interact with them at least weekly.

Cultivate Relationships

No matter who you may meet, those people may have an impact on your career. Do your best to meet people who come your way and cultivate a professional relationship with them.

Build On Your Strengths

It’s important for women to ask for support along the way in their careers. Get others to notice you and your work, if you plan to move up within the workplace. Don’t overlook those who may have a small role in the center.

By following these tips, women can establish a high-profile presence any office or surgery center and work their way up to achieve their career goals.

Read the full article here. 

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