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Why the World Needs Recruiters

Jeff Kaye, CEO of Kaye/Bassman International, shared a great article with us: “Here’s Why the World Needs Recruiters,” written by Adrian Kinnersley.tf_middleman

In it Kinnersley makes some good logical points as to why “recruitment is a professional service” and no longer just a resume service.

Here are some of our favorite take-aways:

What the Client Gets:

  • A good recruiter helps you qualify what it is you require and what type of candidate would work best for your organization
  • Saves you a lot of time and heartache further down the road
  • Gives you market analysis on your competitors
  • Attracting the right talent isn’t about paying top dollar; it’s about finding the best fit

What a Recruiter Gives:

  • Advises you on what type of candidate you can get from varying levels of compensation offered
  • How straightforward or challenging the search will be for the skills you require
  • Sourcing multiple candidates, to give you options in that market
  • Make you aware of why a candidate is looking and what motivates them about your company
  • Relay candidates interest and feedback from each interview
  • They’re also able to keep each desired candidate interested in the opportunity, until a final decision has been made, to ensure there are multiple options, should the first candidate not work out.
  • Recruiters manage and organize the interview, offer, and resignation process

For the Candidate:

  • Recruiters provide an un-bias sounding board for the candidate, which allows them to talk openly about their concerns and motivations for exploring a new opportunity.   
  • Recruiters are able to relay feedback from each interview and give constructive criticism on things they may be able to improve upon for the future
  • In addition, they’re able to walk the candidate through the resignation and negotiate the best salary for them to come on board.


“Contingent recruiters only charge when they are successful, so the smart and successful ones deliver quality service every time to maximize the chance of success. You get so much service for free, it doesn’t make sense not to engage.”


Source: “Here’s Why the World Needs Recruiters”


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