Why Get Certified?




Results of a recent study show that CNOR certification:

    • Enhances feelings of personal accomplishment and satisfaction among nurses
    • Validates specialized peri-operative nursing knowledge
    • Indicates attainment of current practice and achievement
    • Enhances professional credibility
    • Demonstrates commitment to the highest level of patient care and institutional safety


Click here to find out more about the objectives and purposes of CNOR Certification.



A CASC credential shows a “comprehensive understanding of the skills and knowledge that the role of an ASC administrator requires.” Having CASC after your name enhances your stature in theAmbulatorySurgeryCenterindustry.

CASC is not just for administrators:

      • Medical Directors
      • Directors of Nursing
      • Clinical Staff
      • And many others


Learn more about CASC certification and the benefits it brings to your profession.



“AORN connects you to a close-knit peri-operative community and provides tools and education to support your personal and professional growth.”

Top reasons AORN members joined:

  1. Publications
    1. AORN Journal
  2. Continuing educationAdvocacy efforts
    1. Online courses, professional scholarships, and other tools
  3. Leadership developmentSpecialty networking opportunities
    1. Courses, national and local leadership opportunities, etc.



Check out the AORN website for all the details.


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