When & How to Hire Additional Employees

One of the most important tasks as a business owner and manager is workforce management.


How can you be sure its time for you to bring on additional staff?

  • When the majority of your employees seem overwhelmed and they’re letting you know that they have too much to do.
  • You see an opportunity for growth and expansion in your industry but current employees aren’t able to take on the additional work and responsibilities.
  • When revenues are at, or above, your target, and you project it to stay that way.
  • Your employee’s existing skills and knowledge are fine for the moment but to expand; you will need additional resources and skill sets.


Once you have decided to bring on the additional help the next step is to create a comprehensive and clearly written jobjobdescription3 description that includes:

  • Duties, Responsibilities and Tasks the employee must perform
  • Expected standards of job performance and Job Title
  • Reporting relationships – the people with whom the employee will report to  
  • Financial and Fiscal Understanding, as well as any spending limits they may be responsible for managing
  • Standards of acceptable behavior and Working conditions

Knowing exactly what you are looking for helps future employees understand expectations of the role and if it would be the right fit.

Obviously, working with our recruiting firm to help you fill this role, will allow everyone to save Time Involved and Money!’s “When—and How—to Hire Additional Employees” article can be found here.


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