Using social media to find jobs

Are you one of the millions of people in America looking for a job? Using social media is a mainstream way to land a job these days. For instance, you have networks/employees/friends. Your friends also have their networks. Those groups know more people and the process continues to go on. Overall, your name can virally get passed a long way. Here are some tips to make you stand out to potential employers and recruiters by using social media:


Look up the companies you are interested in working for, just to keep tabs on them. Company pages will list subjects such as job postings, employee news and background information. Knowing this information prior to an interview might just land you the job.


This social network has attracted more followers than any other network in the shortest amount of time. It does require a Gmail account which is easy and free to set up. Search what companies have profile pages on Google+ and add them to your “circles.” You can organize your circles by ‘companies,’ ‘friends,’ ‘business’, among others.


Like Facebook, follow the desired companies on Twitter on keep up with their news. You can also view who the company follows and who follows them. These additional users may be possible networks in your job search. For networking purposes, it’s ok to follow people you don’t personally know. If something they say is of interest to you, don’t be afraid to comment back. This is how business relationships on Twitter begin.

Linked In:

Linked In serves as a direct connector to be visible to potential employers. When you send a request to add someone, they have a chance to view your profile. Not sure if they’ll add you back? Send a message along with your Linked In invitation to introduce yourself and a short note of what you hope to learn from the user.

Please note all comments you provide should be kept in a professional manner.

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