U.S. Healthcare hits the $3 trillion mark

Earlier this month, U.S. Healthcare topped $3 trillion. A contributor on Forbes remarked this year would be known as “Healthcare Reform debate- part 2.” Here are a few beneficial highlights for surgery center administrators:

– The National Healthcare Expenditure (NHE) might continue to increase 4% each year forward. The author of this article, Dan Munro, quotes an economist,” we don’t have a debt problem in this country – we have a healthcare problem.”

– The future of electronic health records is moving up to speed at a rapid rate. The first year’s costs related to switching to an electronic format can be pricey. However in the long run, the cost will become steady and end up saving a surgery center more money than before. Has your center switched to filing records electronically?

– Munro also mentions the ongoing shortage of physicians. Nurses can fill these positions, but how long can that last? America needs nurses in addition to physicians.

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Read the full article on Forbes here.

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