Tips for Your Linked In Profile

Sometimes a one-page resume isn’t enough to list all of our achievements, past work experience and additional highlights from our careers. Linked In is a great, free website and millions of users have created profile pages on it. Even companies now have profile pages that list background information and job openings. A profile is easy to set up. Here are several tips to complete your Linked In profile- for new or regular users.

Reach 100% on Your Profile

List everything! Every past job, organizational memberships, and awards that you want to prospective employers to see can go on your Linked In profile. Linked In allows you to list as much information and detail as you want. Take advantage of the space and fully list your achievements.

Update Your Status

People often forget to visit their Linked In page after it’s complete. Let recruiters know you are keeping tabs with your page by updating your status. A good rule of thumb is to post a new status update about 2-3 times a week. You post can be a tid bit of information that you may have learned at work or a conference relevant to your industry. Also, share articles that your followers may find of interest.

Don’t Block Incoming Emails

Allow anyone from Linked In to send you an email. For example, a recruiter may reach out to your privately. If the job doesn’t match your needs, let the recruiter know you are not interested or refer a friend who may be suited for the job. Participation is a huge part of the Linked In community. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a recruiter and connect with them too!

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