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Tips for Focusing Your Job Search Into the Fall

Business Insider suggests tips to get your fall job search off on the right foot.

  1. Identify your top three skills.
    1. Your three most marketable skills
    2. Make sure your resume highlights and reflects that
  2. Update your resume.
    1. Take off the items and jobs you held anytime before you graduated high school – they are not relevant!
    2. Highlight the things that helped you hone your skills
    3. Employers don’t care if they are not relevant – no need to add padding
  3. Rank your top jobs and companies.
    1. Rank all the jobs you qualify for and focus your energy on the top 3-5
  4. Don’t give up!
    1. The most important  factor in your job search is your attitude
    2. Get organized and stick to a schedule


How are you focusing your job search for the fall?


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