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The Scariest Issues in Healthcare Right Now


According to Molly Gamble, writer for Becker’s Hospital Review, there are a handful of events and trends that have made their fair share of headlines in recent weeks and continue to alarm health officials.

Hurricane Sandy

  • Hospitals in the area deployed emergency plans and kept extra providers on site to deal with the expected rise in cases
  • Some hospitals were unable to withstand the natural disaster – NYU Langone Medical Center lost its back up power and was forced to evacuate a number of patients to surrounding centers

Contaminated Injections

  • 344 people were diagnosed with and 25 people have died from fungal meningitis in an outbreak liked to contaminated vials of methylprednisolone acetate – a steroid injected to treat back and joint pain
  • The vials were produced by New England Compounding Center (Framingham,Massachusetts)

Physician Shortage

  • Looks like there is no end in sight for this shortage in doctors
  • Currently there is a shortfall of over 15 thousand primary care physicians – projected to grow to 130 thousand by 2025
  • Contributing factors include a growing population, medical school enrollment not keeping up, younger physicians working less, older physicians retiring


Other key issues concerning the healthcare industry can be found in Becker’s ASC’s original article here. 

What current issue in healthcare is the scariest for you and your center to be dealing with?


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