The Only Three Interview Questions That Matter

According to an article by Forbes, the top executive recruiters agreed the following questions are the most important in any interview:

1.       Can you do the job? This question refers to your technical skills and more importantly, your leadership and interpersonal skills. What are the expectations of the role and do you feel you can meet those expectations?  Your technical skills help get the day-to-day tasks completed and the leadership skills help with managing employees across all levels of experience.

2.       Will you love the job? How strong is your motivation for this job? If you know you will love your job, express that to the interviewer; never leave an interview with the hiring authority wondering if you WANT the job. They should understand how positively you will think about the position, and this will help set you apart from other candidates. Be enthusiastic and share your goals.

3.       Can we tolerate working with you? Research the company’s culture before heading in an interview. Are they technological savvy? Do they host team leadership activities? Will you enjoy working with them and vice versa? Remember, this is an interview, not an interrogation.  Consider those questions while learning about the company, even during the interview. They want to know if you’ll be the right fit! 

These questions, no matter how it’s phrased, refers back to these three topics: strengths, motivation and fit. Read the full article on Forbes here.

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