The Danger of Posting Your Resume Online

Recently, some candidates have made me aware of the dangers they faced when posting their resume online. The two most common instances of these recruiting methods are: 

  • Candidates being submitted for jobs without their knowledge
  • Fake job postings just to gain your information.

Here are a few tips to avoid the pitfalls of posting your resume or information online:


Do You Know Where Your Resume is Being Sent??

I received a call from a crying woman who went on to tell how she had just been fired because her physicians heard that she was in process at a surgery center down the road and that she was looking for a new job,

As it turns out, this now unemployed mother of two, had never deleted her resume from Career Builder 2 years before, and a recruiter simply took her information and presented her to a competing surgery center without ever speaking to her.

Unfortunately, this is just one of the cases we have personally heard of with less-than-ethical recruiters considering a resume on sites like Career Builder or Monster as public property and doing with them what they want, when they want; without ever contacting the individual.


Be Cautious of Where You Apply Online

In another instance, I was working with a candidate who called to tell me about a job opening they saw online that he wanted to apply for. After taking a closer look at the posting, I realized in the fine print at the bottom of the posting was a disclaimer stating they had no affiliation or approval with the company mentioned in the job posting.

These dummy posts are more common than you realize. My candidate was dealing with yet another case of recruiters finding ways to gain your information and resume without a legitimate relationship with a client.

At Kaye/Bassman we take a more ethical and realistic approach.  We realize this is your livelihood and we believe hold confidentiality at its utmost importance!

Due to our positive tenure and reputation in the market, we won’t call you unless we have a relationship with a client already in place.  And we NEVER submit anything without first gaining your permission.


Unfortunately, what this boils down to is that when posting your resume and/or information online, other recruiters feel as if it is public information and they have every right to do with it what they may. 

So…what’s the solution? 


The Benefits to Working Directly With a Recruiter


  • Manage the entire process from presentation, hire, and resignation not only with the hiring authority
  • We’re able to obtain feedback from you and the hiring authority throughout the entire process and relay any questions or concerns either of you have. Not to mention, answer any questions you didn’t feel comfortable asking your potential boss.

Using a recruiter ensures confidentiality of the hiring process and allows me to negotiate the Financial Expectations for both parties involved, to ensure a happy outcome for everyone!!




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