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Succession Planning Tips to Prepare Your ASC

You never know when you’ll need to replace an employee; on good terms or bad. So here are a few of the ways to plan ahead:


  • Cross-train employees in case of emergencies
    • If you train employees to be able to take on additional responsibilities, people can fill in for multiple positions
    • Preparing your employees in the off chance you’ll need them just makes sure you are covering your bases


  • Keep detailed standard operating procedures for each department
    • You can stay organized by keeping binders of standard operating procedures and “master lists” of procedures either in each department or in the Administrators office
    • The article by Becker’s ASC states doing soothe staff finds it easier to train new individuals as well as serve as a refresher to fall back on if it is needed


  • Promoting qualified employees from within
    • While its not always an option, employees get the message that you will reward hard work
    • When promoting from within cross-training your employees can come in handy by giving you a better picture of the responsibilities they can handle and be an easier transition with less new training involved


More Succession Planning tips from Becker’s ASC can be found here.


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