Successful Traits of ASC Nursing Directors

Greg Zoch, partner and managing director at Kaye/Bassman International Corp., an executive search firm specializing in the ambulatory surgery center industry, identifies a few traits of successful ambulatory surgery center directors of nursing.

Having a Soaring Clinical IQ

ASC nursing directors have an exceptionally high clinical IQ. They stay abreast of nursing news and really take the time to identify components of the medical industry. The nurses also understand which medical supplies are the best to use. “There’s a financial component to a high clinical IQ — knowing when the ‘cheap’ item actually costs you more money,” Greg says. “While it’s easy to let dollars drive your decisions, exceptional clinical directors have the ability to look beyond the dollars and look at the clinical aspect of [materials] in terms of their function and efficaciousness.”

Great Social Skills

The nursing directors play an important role at the surgery center. They’ll become well known in the center and come in contact with numerous people on a daily basis. Successful nursing directors possess great social skills. They can manage professional relationships, especially with physicians and patients. Part of their job is to talk- literally! The directors who establish these relationships create a lasting name for their surgery centers.


Directors of nursing need to possess physical, mental and emotional energy in the workplace. Their jobs do not always fall into the 8-5 work scheme.   They’re very demanding on a physical level, emotionally because of the potential conflicts and mentally because there’s just a lot of moving parts,” Greg says. The high level of stamina required for their jobs will result in less fatigue.

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