Strategies for Hitting Success at an ASC

Karen Cannizzaro, an Administrator from Florida, provides several strategies to ensure satisfaction with patients and the physicians who work in your surgery center. Take a look at her thoughts below:

Encourage cross-training

Cross training your staff will help lead to better quality care and the surgery center’s efficiency. When a physician or nurse is out of the office, the cross-training will come in handy. If you spend the hours training your medical staff now, it will save you money and time in the long run.

”Our staff is very much aware of the fact that you can make an otherwise profitable case in the O.R. unprofitable by opening too many surgical trays or supplies if you’re not sure that you need them,” said Karen Cannizzaro. ”They may suggest an alternative product to physicians, or wait to open something so that different trays and implants aren’t opened unnecessarily for one procedure.”

Coordinate schedules

A block time system is recommended for surgeons who face a high amount of surgery. Karen tracks the surgery cases on a weekly and monthly basis, which will help your surgeons book their days efficiently and become more flexible with other surgery times.

Control Costs

It can be difficult at times to choose the right implant for your patient while not exceeding your center’s budget.

”As an administrator, you really have to nurture relationships with physicians, patients, and payors,” she said. ”We have also nurtured our relationships with our vendor reps and I feel confident that our pricing is competitive and that I have provided value added incentives for them. We all need to make a little bit of money, otherwise none of us can stay in business.  That’s reality.”

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