Procrastination Habit

Stop Procrastinating! Here is how!

A great article in The Sydney Morning Herald caught my attention while we were searching the web instead of any number of tasks that really needed to get done; yes, ironic that this article on tips to stop procrastinating should pop up!

Since you’re procrastinating…it’s a great time to check your email or empty the fridge. We all know this won’t do much for your business or your peace of mind, but yet, it seems to happen more often than not. Sometimes it appears that not procrastination will just make the problem or task that much more daunting.


A few of my favorite tips that this article mentions include:

  • Be a victor, not a victim
    • Its easy to blame outside sources for why something isn’t getting done
    • “If you think about it, everything’s out of your control. The only thing that’s inside your control is how you think.”
    • Victor mentality – “Whatever happens I will adapt.”
    • Everyone makes mistakes but the real key to success is being resilient
  • Get started(Yes, I know, easier said than done but its true.)
    • I always dread working out but once I get started I’m glad I did.
    • “Once you start doing something your perception [is bound to] change.”
  • Break it down
    • If the task seem large and daunting try breaking it down into smaller, manageable tasks
  • Reward yourself
    • Experts suggest rewarding yourself for a hard job completed


What are some of the tasks you tend to procrastinate?


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