Staying Ahead of the Curve: Part 3

This post is the last in our three-part series. We suggest you read the first                              (daily benchmarks) and second (monthly benchmarks) parts to gain a better understanding of the previous information.

The final tip for managing benchmarks at your surgery center is setting yearly benchmarks. One of the top benchmarks is physician satisfaction.  

It’s important to track physician satisfaction in addition to the yearly clinical and financial data. The physician satisfaction data helps  your staff to solve any issues and make accommodations with the surgery center. Here are some good questions to ask your physicians:

•    Would they recommend the facility to a colleague?

•    How well they like working at the facility?

•    How well they feel the management company handles issues?

•    Are there are any issues with the staff?

Read the full article on Becker’s ASC Review. 


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