Stay Ahead of the Curve at Your ASC: Part 1

This article is the first in a three-part series from Becker’s Review, where surgery center administrators explain the benchmarks they find necessary to run a profitable ASC. Setting benchmarks throughout the year will definitely help you reach your goals and satisfy your center’s financial objectives. Part 1:  Daily Benchmarks.

Send Reports

A good tool to track your reports is sending daily stats to the administrator, so they are able to compare the numbers to the annual budget. This will allow your team see where money is being spent, check the inventory, and see if your center is over or under budget.

Case Volume

Case volume is a crucial stat to monitor; because it will help you better understand long-term trends at your surgery center. Gather the important data at the end of each day, and share it with your office staff and physicians each week in a team meeting.

Patient Satisfaction

One way to measure patient satisfaction is to distribute surveys among your patients. Have a short survey available for patients to fill out after their visit or email them to get feedback. Some patients may find the email survey more convenient. It’s important to send this survey within 24 hours of their visit, so the information is fresh on the patient’s mind. Discuss the reviews each week with your staff.  This allows you to compliment them on their strengths and improve on any weaknesses they may have.

Read the full article on Becker’s ASC Review.  Check back next week to read about setting monthly and yearly benchmarks!


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