Stand Out Strong at Team Meetings

Meeting1Are you someone who shy’s away from speaking up?  If so, we bet team meetings are extremely difficult for you.  Worry no more! We’re going to guide you on how to stand out and be heard. We’re hoping these tools, will allow your superiors and colleagues alike, to recognize your value and realize your worth.  We know that even quiet individuals, you learn to be great leaders.

A clinical psychologist, and professor of psychology, explained that social interactions can be quite exhausting for most of introverts, and it tends to make them lose energy, when surrounded by groups of people. This psychologist added, that because of this habit, introverts do not always get as far ahead in life, as extroverts. So, if Introverts or naturally shy people can learn to deal with this, they are more likely to achieve great success!

Indeed, extroverts may have an extra edge, because they are more social and outspoken… which tends to help in the workplace. Still, you cannot ignore the fact that many introverts turned out to be great leaders, such as; Warren Buffet and Abraham Lincoln, both of whom are introverts, and yet amongst the greatest leaders of all time.

So how can you be as successful as either of them? We interviewed a number of psychologists and here’s what we learned:

1. Think… and then speak-up

A reputed professor, stated that introverts need some time to think before they give their idea or speak out their opinion.

Many researches claim that introverts show more activity of information processing and problem solving in their brains when they are exposed to a social environment. As for extroverts, they just blurt out what they want to say without giving it a second thought. Thus, you can turn the meetings in your favor if you have more time for thinking. You can get this if you have an agenda of the meeting beforehand or if you can ask your team manager to provide you with some time before you give an opinion.

A skilled psychologist stated that introverts do great things in life when they utilize their problem solving skills which puts them above par. You should try to use this quality.

2. Maintain your calm

In situations where you cannot get enough time, you will have to control your anxiety levels. Take deep breaths and do not get stressed out. Try to indulge in regular yoga or meditation and you will not feel so anxious.




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