Should I send a resume online and hope for the best??

I saw this question on LinkedIn and I thought this article gives good understanding of why it could be dangerous to point and click!

“[When applying online] Do you make sure the company is hiring or do you just send your letter and resume and hope for the best?”

Careerealism’s Founder, J.T. O’Donnell says “The answer is “no.” You shouldn’t blindly submit your materials. But, not because a company won’t accept them.”

Here’s a snippet of J.T.’s thoughts on Why You’re Resume Won’t Get Seen:

Going straight to the company means that they’ll have to sort through thousands of resumes they’ve received online, and determine, in a matter of seconds, as to whether or not you’re a fit. Today, applying via job boards is the easiest way to look for a work – so, everyone is doing it. Yet, it also happens to be the least effective method for getting noticed. Why? The ATS (applicant tracking system) employers use to gather applications automatically screen you out for not being an exact keyword and experience match for the job. Still, people continue to waste hours upon hours filling out online applications only to be shocked and disappointed when they never hear back from the employers.

The reality is your chances of making it through the online process and into the hands of a human being are only slightly better than you winning the lottery.

#1: Submit Resumes to Actual People!

Want to improve your odds of getting noticed by employers? Only submit your resume to human beings. Specifically, someone who has a pulse on the industry and knows who is hiring! As ASC industry leaders, we know many of the surgery centers being built, centers looking for leadership roles, or even companies that just want to keep an eye out for good talent.

#2: Just keeping abreast of possible positions…Stay Confidential through a recruiter!

If you’re not actively looking but want to know what’s out there, find a recruiter that specializes in your field.  Once you’ve done research on their knowledge of the industry, established a relationship, and keep in touch with them occasionally.  Provide your resume and dream job requirements, and let them do all the leg work.  Recruiters that specialize in your world, are not only a great person to network with, but are also a good resource for market analysis.

Additionally, recruiters are the greatest catalyst in finding you the job of your dreams, with little to no work on your part!  

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