Saving money – One Surgical Supply At a Time

In today’s economic climate, people are looking for ways to save money, especially Ambulatory Surgery Centers! Surgical supplies, though commonly overpriced, are an integral part of the operation of a surgery center. Without the proper supplies, doctors and staff cannot perform their work. How can a surgery center reduce this cost?

Alan B. Kravitz, MD, a general surgeon and investor at the MontgomerySurgeryCenterin Maryland, mentions seven ways to cut back on the costs of surgical supplies. Some highlights include: searching for surgical items on eBay, focusing on purchasing the fundamental items first, and compiling a data report when making ordering supplies. Additionally, Kravitz encourages physicians to promote awareness and to ask their peers, “Is there something the rest of us don’t understand about why you’re using this item?”

Read the full article here. 

 How have you reduced surgical supply cost at your center?



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