Communication Feedback

Productive Feedback

“People who receive feedback apply it only about 30% of the time.”


Giving feedback provides an insight into one’s performance progression, and also advise to solve problems. While we all know giving and receiving feedback can be a delicate process business owners and managers should convey in a positive manner so that it works in the intended way: to help improve and grow your business.


An article by Entrepreneur Magazine gave us a few tips and tricks to efficient and effective feedback delivery:

  • Be Positive. Give at least as much positive feedback as you do negative.
  • Don’t Avoid Negative Feedback. Just make sure you follow it up with a suggested solution or change.
  • Be Immediate. The article states that the “adult brain learns best by being caught in action.” If you wait they are less likely to be able to grasp the changes you are asking of them.


“Productive feedback requires giving it frequently.”



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