Personal Branding Fingerprint

Personal Branding to Help You Land a Job

A recent PR Daily article suggests that the same reasoning behind why a company’s brand image is important to their success holds true for each of us as individuals as well.


“Personal branding is how we market ourselves.”


The article argues that “without a solid brand, you lose visibility and become overlooked.” With millions of Americans currently unemployed no one can afford to be overlooked in the job market!

 The first step to identify a few things that establish the backbone of your brand:

  • Define Yourself – What are your unique skills, experiences, and values? What makes you different?
  • Determine Your Audience – Who are you trying to reach?
  • Establish Your Message – What are you trying to convey?


The next essential step is to implement these tools:

  • Social Media – The internet is forever, so be careful what you post! For your personal brand you want to make sure you have a social media presence but make sure what is on your Facebook or LinkedIn account is in line with the personal brand you are looking to portray.
  • Tagline – What’s the one line that people should relate to your name/brand?


“Personal branding yourself will give you the unique opportunity to share your story.”



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