Organization Tips to Boost Your Career

We found an article by Amanda LeBlanc that said it best; “A key factor in the success of an employee and a better work-life balance, is organization.” This involves self-discipline, time management, and a sense of self.


“Time management is more than a calendar with appointments”

  • It is about:
    • Knowing what you need to get done
    • Allotting the appropriate amount of time, to complete each task
    • And managing the unexpected

A good time manager allows for unexpected tasks, sometimes by designating a time in the day to handle them, and doesn’t lose track of the important tasks.

“Utilizing what you know about yourself and sticking to a good use of time management, both take a great deal of self-discipline.”

People with a larger amount of self discipline tend to see greater success as well.


“Opportunityis missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” Thomas Edison


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