Obama Administration Help Health Care Facilities Save Money

Obama proposes a bill that will save hospitals, ambulatory surgery centers (ASC) and and clinics more than $1 billion in its first year. The Health and Human Services department plan to cut the many rules that they think are wasting money. For example, registered nurses won’t have to spend time with ever-lasting paperwork. Physicians will have more time treating patients. Also, this bill will help patients save time when visiting an ASC.

“Elimination of the prior-day notification requirement in ASCs has been a top priority for ASCA this year,” ASCA executive director William Prentice said in a statement. “Not only does the new rule promote patient choice and access to care, it also reduces costs to Medicare and its beneficiaries.”

According to the article, ASCs have fought for this change for years. Soon they will be able to lead this change.

Hospitals are facing new changes too, in their favor. Read the full article on National Journal.

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