Just Got Hired? Get Off to the Perfect Start!

So you got past the interview process, offer stage and you’re ready to start your new job.


Jim Whitehurst, former COO of Delta Airlines and current CEO of Red Hat, an open source software company; shares his tips for a successful start in your new job:

1.      Fully understand how your business creates value:

  • Understand the company’s competitive advantage and underlying proposition
  • Don’t assume the way you did your old job, or the way your new job use to be done, is the best way for you to do it now.

2.     Learn how to serve all of your constituents:

  • Whether they are direct reports or external and/or internal customers; learn their wants and needs quickly. Often times, this will include their professional growth and goals and may have little to do with what you think your job entails
  • Get to know both your clients and customers intimately, which will allow you to determine the best way to serve them and create value for your new company
  • Once you understand those needs, you may want to redefine your role, or discuss with your employer, how you can improve on assisting your clients.

3.      Stay focused on what you do best:

  • You were hired for your skills, qualifications, and personality. Make sure you start utilizing those tools to address your new company’s needs.
  • And remember…Never lose sight of what makes you different!

4.      Show how you can make a difference:

  • Never assume what made you successful at one job will do the same for you at your new job.
  • Decide how you can leverage your skills, experiences, and intangibles to stake out a position and take the job to another level.


Source: “Just Got Hired? 100 Days to the Perfect Start”



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