It’s Not Just About You!

Great leaders realize that its never about them. Instead its about those they lead and those they serve. One guaranteed way to erode trust as a leader is to fake concern for those you lead. You should never fake caring! Either you truly care for those you lead or you don’t. If you don’t feel it, don’t fake it!

Tips for being a more caring leader:

Selflessly Serve

  • There is a direct positive correlation between serving others and caring; the more you serve another the more genuinely you care à the more you care the more desire you have to serve
  • There are tons of opportunities to serve others
      • Sending a care with a nice note
      • Giving someone a ride home
      • Taking dinner to a family of an employee during rough times
      • And many, many others

Use Empathy

  • Being able to put yourself in the shoes of someone else; seeing others as people with needs just like you.
  • Seeing a need and doing something to help

Be a Positive Leader

  • Search for the good in others; everyone has a little good in them.
  • The more positive you think and speak of others, the more you will care.


  • Telling those you lead that you genuinely care about them and appreciate them is important.



More tips for leaders can be found here.


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