Is Your Resume Due for a Make-Over?

As a recruiter in this industry for close to a decade, I’ve seen many “resume trends”, come and go. And what I know, is that the only thing a “1 page” resume that also has an “objective” or “hobby” section will get you, is a move to the deleted folder.

So, take a look at these great tips, and give your resume a make-over!

Get Rid of the Objective!  Remember, your resume should speak for itself, and should appeal to the masses. So, even if you’re applying for a specific position, or trying to find a specific role or title, an objective isn’t the way to do that.

Instead of an Objective, Start your resume with a “Skills”, “Expertise”, or “Highlights” section!  In today’s society, most of us feel like there are not enough hours in the day, so save your reader some time and add a “Cliff Notes” version of your resume up top. This section allows you to give the reader a quick synopsis of your accomplishments, and the ability to talk about why your a great candidate for this position, without them reading the entire document.

Focus on your Accomplishments (not your duties and responsibilities)!   If you’re applying for a similar role, and have more than 5 years in the same industry, most of the duties and responsibilities are the same.  So put yourself in the mindset of a hiring authority, and ask yourself…”What would I want to see on a resume, if I were interviewing someone for this position”?  Setting yourself apart is key! So if you’ve decreased the A/R days at your center, recruited new physicians and/or specialties, increased case volume, or simply saved your center some money…BRAG ABOUT IT!

Bullet Points are Imperative!  Again, most recruiters and hiring authorities don’t have a lot of time in the day, so by adding bullet points of your experience and accomplishments, we can skim through what you’ve done without reading through a paragraph.  Not to mention, it’s easier to read, and looks cleaner.

Shorten It!   Your resume should not go back further than 10-15 years,. So, if you were a candy-striper in 1955, we don’t need to know 🙂  Take it off your resume, and allow your most recent accomplishments to shine through, and not be bogged down by positions not as relevant.

If It Can Hurt you…Remove It!  As I mentioned before, if there is something in your resume that is personal (such as a hobby, a volunteer assignment, or religious attendance), it’s better to be safe and remove it. Remember, the goal of sending a resume is to get an interview! And because 99% of the time, you don’t know what hobbies or religious affiliations your potential hiring authority has, it’s much better to be safe than sorry!  So, if it doesn’t pertain to the type of position you are applying for…Remove it!




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