Is Thursday the New Friday?

Ask yourself this: Would you be more productive working 4 days a week instead of 5? 

4 day work week

Ilya Pozin, a columnist for Forbes and LinkedIn, asks the question: Is Thursday the New Friday?

In this article, Ily gives some great selling points on why companies and employees, should start thinking about embracing the new 4-day Work Week trend!

Ilya says, “With the war for talent raging, company culture has become a battleground for many organizations. In order to attract the kind of top-notch candidates needed to move companies forward and stay competitive, companies now have to offer better perks to entice the best people. One of these perks is the four-day work week…and it seems like it might actually be more than a “buzzy” trend.

Currently, only 36% of employers are embracing the 4 day work week.  But as we all know…the” myth” of the 40 hour work week is just that…a myth!

Most Americans work well over 40 hours a week, and studies show that 85.8% of Men, and 66.5% of Women work closer to 50+ hours a week.  A recent Gallup poll also found that 70% of the American workforce is disengaged on the job, which led to $550 BILLION in lost productivity annually.  The poll also found that 2 in 5 working adults would be willing to give up some portion of their salary, for a more flexible schedule.

Another survey by the Captive Network shows that 45% of workers routinely leave for medical appointments, while 52% sneak out to buy gifts, grab a beer, or beat the commuter traffic.  Since 2011, this survey has seen a 31% rise in employees running errands during work hours.  However, the answer may be as simple as taking 1 day off a week.  When employees have a shorter work week, they have more time to run errands on off hours, and therefore increase productivity and focus on work, while in the office.

So what do you think….Is the 4 day work week right for you or your company?   

What are your thoughts on how you can implement this new idea??? 

Source Ily Pozin – LinkedIn


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