Vacation From Work

Is Getting Back to Work After Vacation a Struggle?

Did you know, on average, that it takes a day and a half to get back in the work groove, after a vacation?

This article looks at how to combat the lag time it takes for employees to get back into the swing of things at work, after an extended vacation. Here are a few pointers to avoid the lag time that most employees struggle with:

Take Control

  • Before leaving:
    • Create a list of priorities to follow up on once you get back
    • Set up an “out of the office” email response and voice-mail messages that state a date of return and who to contact in your absence

To ensure a smooth transition back

    • Get to the office before your coworkers to catch up
    • Update your list of priorities with anything that might have come up from received mail, email, and voicemails


For employers, vacation time is an investment in the productivity of employees. Think of ways to channel the vacation energy into positive results:

  • Take a day to contemplate your career
  • If you aren’t excited about going back to work, give us a call and see what opportunities are available for your skill sets.


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