2009 07 27

Interview Tip: Questions

When going into an interview, remember this: an interview is a 2 way process, it is not an interrogation! Make sure the interviewer is not the only one asking questions!

In simple terms there are 2 purposes of an interview:

  1. Candidate: Do they want to hire you and do you want to accept the job?
  2. Client: Do you want to hire person, & if so, have you clearly explained the expectations of the role?

Every question you answer, remember this:

  • Have I answered this question thoroughly?
  • Have I used examples to demonstrate how I have done this in the past?

Make sure all interview questions are framed clearly & always pause after speaking, to ensure you have answered the question asked.



What other tips would you like for us to cover next? Shoot us a comment and let us know!


Andréa Venezio , Chief Executive Officer
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