Improving Patient, Physician and Employee Satisfaction

Kris Sabo, executive director of Pend Oreille Center in Idaho, shares her views on reaching high satisfaction rates for everyone at an ASC. Her center hits at 97% or above!


Ms. Sabo suggests being one step ahead of the game at an ASC. Even the little things make a huge difference, such as lending a pen to a physician. The physicians keep their focus on the patients, so the additional help by others in the office goes a long way.



One of only complaints Ms. Sabo faces is the patient’s wait time. A good way to ease their stress is to keep them updated on the wait time. Sometimes procedures may run longer than expected, and a physician cannot control that. It’s best to give the patients in the lobby a heads up on what’s coming next. Ms. Sabo’s staff sometimes provides $5 dinner giftcards to those patients who have faced a longer wait time. “Even though it’s a small amount, the patients really appreciate it, Mrs. Sabo says.”



“A happy staff often means better service for the patient,” the article states. Ms. Sabo provides her staff with extra perks such as t-shirts or a cook out. It’s important to show the ASC staff your appreciation of their efforts. Her ASC also offers a non-traditional heathcare plan that fits much of her staff’s needs. Keeping the staff pleased will lead to happy patients and a friendly working environment.


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