Improving ASC Profitability

David Kelly, administrator of Samaritan North Surgery Center in Ohio, shares his advice on improving profitability at an ASC. See a few of his tips below. Which ones have you implemented at your surgery center?

Use Excel to estimate payments

Create an Excel template to calculate the potential cost for the patient’s visit. Provide this cost before their scheduled appointment.

Create user-friendly forms

Create a list that is easy to use for self-pay collectors. Kelly suggests dividing the accounts in ABC order among those responsible in the office to handle this task.

Patient Financial Issues

Patients who cannot meet their payments should be asked to schedule their appointments at a later time.

Use Care Credit

This is another source patients can use to fulfill their out-of-pocket payments.

Develop a follow-up procedure

Draft a script for your administrative staff to explain payment information to patients while following up with them after appointments. The staff may find the material easier to explain when it’s already written down.

Read more suggestions by David Kelly on Becker’s ASC.


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