Important Facts to Know About ASC Supplies and Contracts

Supplies and contracts are critical subjects to know when working at an ambulatory surgery center. Karen Lombard, director of Amerinet, and an RN who used to run a 21-OR ASC, provided a few important concepts to be aware of in the workplace.


Ambulatory Surgery Centers want to make sure they’re getting the best pricing on medical supplies. “We want to make sure pricing is competitive and remains competitive,” Ms. Lombard says. “We internally benchmark products and go back and forth on pricing with suppliers a lot. You need to constantly keep at it.”

Contract Terms

Before agreeing to a contract, ASC leaders need to understand how that contract will be terminated. These details are important to know and can save you any future troubles. “You need to know how long this is going to be for and what are the criteria for termination of a contract,” Ms. Lombard says.

Following the FDA’s Rules

A good practice for Surgery Centers is to follow the rules of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, otherwise known as the FDA. ASC patients and employers will feel more comfortable and safe if the FDA policies are followed.

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