How to be More Confident at Work

An article on Forbes mentioned several ways you can boost your confidence level at work.

Find Your Strengths

Identify what your strengths in the workplace and capitalize on them. It won’t be bragging, but it’s a chance to shine in front of your boss. You can also share your skills with others in workplace. The author of this article believes, “When you lead from your strengths, you’re engaged, energized, and self-assured.”

Work on Your Weaknesses

If you focus too much on your weaknesses it can lower your confidence level. Try overcoming these traits by practicing and finding a professional mentor to give you advice. Some weaknesses can be turned out in a matter of weeks, and other traits may take a year to work on. If all else fails, hire someone who can supplement those weaknesses you may not be able to overcome. Set aside some time each week to seek advice and work on boosting your weaker traits.

Track Your Successes

Make a to-do list to keep up with your tasks and meet deadlines. You can also save files electronically for quicker access, such as documents and emails. Refer to your check lists about once a week and congratulate yourself when hitting any successes.

Read the full article on here. 

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