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How Much Are You Worth?

Before approaching your boss for a promotion or raise, you need to ask yourself: “Do I know exactly how much I am worth?”

  1. Survey the market and determine what others are making as a benchmark to compare.
  2. Determine the responsibilities of your role and make note of any accomplishments and/or contributions you’ve made to your company. Where do you add value and how do you measure and define it?


Promote-ROnce you’ve assessed the situation, you will have a better understanding if you are under still under-paid or not receiving the appropriate accolades. At that time, it would be reasonable time to sit down with your boss and discuss a promotion and raise.

During your meeting, discuss facts about the market analysis, and highlight your accomplishments with tangible numbers.

You may also want to mention; without paying you what your worth, the center runs the risk of losing premier talent, and it’s a risk they should be willing to take.


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