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How can you leave work at work and regain some sanity?

For starters: Turn off your phone.

No, not just the ringer, the entire thing turned all the way OFF! Have a cut off time and phone-free zones (family dinners, date nights) when you are no longer available for whatever emergency someone decides to push onto you.

Allow yourself a mind-dump.

Whether it is listening to cathartic music on your drive home, a quiet walk, or having a 15 minute sounding board with your significant other allow yourself some time to clear your mind of all of the stress from your work day. Separate it from the personal part of your day.


Have wonderful, distracting hobbies.

Have hobbies that you love so much you get lost in them. The sort of thing that you go through the work day knowing you have it to look forward to. 

Learn to stand up for your time.

This is the most important part! You are doomed if you can’t defend your personal time. Let people know when you are working and that that is when you would be glad to get back to them. If you start making exceptions to your rules then eventually all of your personal time will be taken over by work! 

You have a right for some “you” time!

Have anymore tips for making the separation from work to personal time?


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