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How Achieve 7-10 Minute Turnover Times

For Ambulatory Surgery Centers a key to daily business is maintaining a fast turn over time and a continual patient flow to ensure the most effective and efficient use of time and allocation of resources. Studies have shown that the most effective turn over time in most ASCs is between 7-10 minutes. Here are a few tips that Becker’s ASC shared in a recent article to help facilitate faster turn over for your center.


1. Involve staff in the effort to reduce turnover times.

  • Are they aware that with the turnover times being inside the declared goal of seven to 10 minutes, more procedures/cases could be performed and result in happier surgeons who will utilize the center more?
  • Are they aware that greater utilization increases profitability and thus increases their chances of getting a raise or bonus at year’s end?
  • Are they aware that faster turnover times mean that patients get out of the center faster and aren’t left with long waiting room times?

2. Centralize supplies and limit inventory in ORs.

  • Doing so keeps all employees aware of where each item can be found adding to the efficiency of daily use
  • Material Management can also become easier to control and adjust when all items are in one location, allowing the ability to visually see when items are running low and what items still remain in excess – reducing mis-ordering and cutting costs

3. Develop “room turnover packs.”

  • OR table/bedsheet, the draw sheet, the kickbucket liners, and the various hamper liners
    • Assign individuals to make these packs daily, a central location to store the packs planned to be used throughout the day and delegate staff members to accomplish the implementation of these packs to ensure the most effective and efficient use throughout the day


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