Housekeeping in an Ambulatory Surgery Center

An article written by Anne Dean, of The ADA Group, paints the picture of the atmosphere of an ASC where patients do notice the litter in the parking lot, the stains on the waiting room chairs, and the dirt in the corner of the room. All of these seemingly unimportant things are details a patient picks up on, and may give your surgery center, a bad first impression.


What impression does your center’s housekeeping give patients about your Ambulatory Surgery Center?


6 tips presented by Dean for bettering your housekeeping impression:

     1. Create comprehensive housekeeping policies for the entire center.

     2. Orient the entire staff with housekeeping best practices and make sure to discuss any “problem areas” with all employees; not just the housekeepers.

     3. Utilize housekeeping checklists for each area of your Ambulatory Surgery Center.

     4. Expect housekeepers to undergo training to ensure consistency.

     5. Explore and overcome language limitations and barriers in your housekeeping staff, if necessary.

     6. Observe housekeeping practices to benchmark progress.

The full housekeeping article by Anne Dean can be found here.


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