Hitting Record Profits In This Economy

Ambulatory surgery centers have been struggling to keep cutting costs while keeping up with excellence in the center. Craig Bryan, administrator of Gateway Surgery Center in Concord, NC, said his ASC has seen double-digit growth in volume and revenue since 2008. Below are a few of his steps in achieving success at an ASC.

Move Collections in Office

Instead of using a third-party company to manage your collections, move them in house. Sometimes patients do not feel comfortable talking to those companies about their payments and would rather speak to someone at the ASC itself. “We focus on the patient first and we make sure that the patient feels like we’re working for them,” Craig said. “We’re not just trying to call and collect money.”

Re-Examine Block Times

Craig suggests keeping 60% of the center blocked and 40% open. “The center physicians must also maintain a 75% utilization rate to keep their block time.” This will help your surgery center grow volume overall.

Boost Employee Satisfaction & Increase Retention

Retaining a staff member is less expensive in the long-run than continuously hiring new staff members. One way to learn more about your employees’ satisfaction is to distribute a survey. These surveys can be held every month, every quarter, or bi-annually. Point a team to be the focus group, so they can determine the results.

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