Employee Loyalty Tips

A few tips presented by Color Magazine to help managers build relationships with their employees.


  1. Be fair and consistent – set expectations and determine appropriate ways to deliver praise as well as constructive criticism
  2. Follow your own rules – lead by example
  3. Be willing to do something yourself before asking someone else to do it – another situation to lead by example
  4. Step in to help – be a team player and show your staff why you are given the responsibility and title of manager
  5. Communicate through both good and bad times – communication is key; share plans and goals
  6. Tell the truth – admitting mistakes helps you gain trust and respect of your employees
  7. Pay attention – be able to spot and understand employee frustrations as they unfold and deal with them in a quick and efficient way
  8. Figure out what motivates each employee – allows you to unlock a way to increase productivity and effectiveness
  9. Stay positive and passionate – positivity is contagious
  10. Hire the best people – its easier to lead those who are skilled and willing to be lead


Andréa Venezio , Chief Executive Officer
(972) 232-7700 | andreav@sapphirehg.com

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