Dressing for Success

In today’s workplace, business casual can mean a handful of different things, so we’d like to share with you our secrets to dress for success.

Suits are no longer a requirement at many companies, but on the other hand Jeans and t-shirts are probably not appropriate either. “Clothes make a strong visual statement about how you see yourself and your career,” says the author of the article Carol Kinsey Goman. If you dress the part, when going off-site to meet a client or when a guest is in the office, it will improve your mood and garner the respect you deserve…it’s all about how you want to package yourself.

Even when working in a surgery center try and keep the staff looking presentable. For the non-clinical staff members, make sure the clothes are neat, wrinkle-free, and in coordination with the other staff? Apply the same mentality to surgeons and nurses who wear scrubs.

We interact with patients and stakeholders daily, that everyone’s looks needs to be up-to-par and professional.

Other items to consider when dressing for work include your jewelry (is it larger than life or distracting?), your hair (is it bushed or in a style that gives the right impression?) and your shoes (are they clean and polished?)

It’s easy to overlook the detail of our work appearance, but if you dress to impress, you’re guaranteed to give what kind of impression you want.

Read the full article on Forbes here.

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