Could Your Surgery Center Benefit From Automation?

There is a key opportunity for ambulatory surgery centers to boost efficiency and accuracy while cutting cost; automation.

There are bound to be processes that are time consuming and repetitive, such as patient registration and pre-surgical assessments, which would greatly benefit from automation. There is likely a technology that can help you make those manual processes automated and much more efficient.

By using online forms to automate the process of getting information from patients you can improve communication with patients. Allowing patients to do this paperwork from the comfort of their own home increases accuracy with their access to the medications they are taking. Another benefit of automation allows you to make use of multiple choice formats to reduce the possibility of inaccuracy or miscommunications. All-in-all improving communication channels with patients, and making it easier for them to do business with your facility will result in a higher satisfaction rate.


Do you see any other areas of the ASC world that could benefit from automating processes?


Becker’s has a few more examples.


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