Clearing the Air: Myths About Recruiters Answered

“Working with recruiters can be a great benefit in your job hunt, but only if you understand their role in the hiring process. Unfortunately, too many people have misconceptions about what they do,” explains an article published to by Arnie Fertig.


We decided to touch on two of the myths that Fertig covers in this article:

Myth #1: Recruiters Aren’t Out to Get Job Hunters the Best Possible Compensation

FACT: This myth is false in almost every situation. Most recruiters are paid on a percentage fee of the new hire’s first year base salary. Now don’t worry, this money is not taken out of your paycheck if you are working with a recruiter to land a job. Recruiters’ fees are paid by the companies that hire them to find great talent like you. The client companies trust and respect the recruiters’ role in helping them. Recruiters are subject to inside information about the companies hiring capacity and can sometimes get a higher salary for candidates than they expected.


Myth #2: Recruiters Don’t Care About Creating Long-Term Relationships

FACT: Recruiting is a Relationship-Building business! Successful recruiters know that their long-term success is based upon building relationships, and networking with those relationships for repeat business and referrals from candidates with whom they have strong relationships. Without strong relationships, recruiters would not last long in business.


Recruiters aren’t always the cold hard mercenary image of ‘headhunters” that most people think. We are just hard working individuals who want to help our clients build their businesses and our candidates find their dream jobs and succeed in our own careers!




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