Business Growth Strategies

As we start approaching the end of Q1, here are some factors to review for boosting your surgery center’s profitability:

Recruit physicians

One of the most important factors of growing an ASC is recruiting new physicians. It takes about 30 days to transition a physician into becoming an investor. “When recruiting physicians, it’s easiest to go to existing physician partners and ask them if they want someone approached in particular,” said Donna Greene, vice president of acquisitions and development at ASCOA.

Partner with a hospital

Partnering with a hospital can give your surgery center better contract rates with payors and vendors. Though connecting with a local hospital is not required, it has been recommended by industry professionals.

Hire an organized admin.

Not only do the years of experience matter, but more importantly, the administrator’s responsibility and roles matter too. Organization and diplomacy are two of the main traits admins should possess. They should also be comfortable and experienced to interacting with third-party vendors and the physicians in the office.

If you need premier talent for your surgery center, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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