Before Integration of EMR

Part 1 of Becker’s ASC’s 3 part series on the stages Ambulatory Surgery Centers have to go through when switching to all electronic medical records system covers the “Before Integration.”

EMR offers a significant improvement over the traditional paper records in all areas of the ASC for efficiency, consistency, and accessibility.

To ensure a better transition into EMR involves:

  • Preparations
  • Teamwork
  • Facility-wide commitment to making the switch

In the time leading up into the transition a few steps should be taken to ensure a seamless transition that with have the highest long term effectiveness.

  • Leadership Buy-in
    • Bring together all management and leadership positions
    • Explain why the change and how it is important to the center and their jobs specifically
  • Have a “Super User” for each department
    • This is someone within each department that is a go to for all staff and the EMR vendor
    • These are the individuals that will have the most user knowledge of the system and will have access to templates and other set material
  • Review and evaluate current workflow
    • Determine what areas of daily business and operations that could benefit the most from this change
  • Establish a realistic timeframe
    • No EMR installation is the same
    • Work with the EMR consultant to determine a start date but make sure to leave additional time for any possible snags that may arise through the entirety of the process


Many more steps and helpful tips can be found on the article.


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