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Are You Ready to Interview in 2013?


Forbes writer, Meghan Casserly, writes that the rules to a typical job interview are going to be changing in 2013. Here are a few tips that she recommends to help you ace your next job interview:


  • Be prepared for challenged-based interviews
    • Companies are starting to ask you to prove your skills. No more of the fake-it-until-you-make-it mentality! Employers want proof!
  • Be enthusiastic
    • Your attitude sets the tone for the entire interview and effects how interviewers respond to you.
  • Have a pitch
    • This is the time to talk yourself up. Be sure you have a two-minute elevator pitch prepared and be ready to sell yourself!
  • Know the company
    • Do your research! Know the company and the industry it operates in. You want to know enough to be able to ask smart questions and explain how your skills can benefit the company in its current, or future, endeavors.


More helpful tips & tricks can be found in the original article.


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