Are you opening a new ASC?

In December 2011, the Manhattan Endoscopy Center opened its doors, expecting nearly 15,000 patients within its initial year. With the restorations and hiring of physicians, the entire process took two years. The center actually opened up according to the board’s schedule. Dr. Peter S. Kim, M.D. and executives from Frontier Healthcare, the development/management company hired to assist in this project, provided several suggestions about building an ASC from the ground up.

Build a board of directors 

Choosing a board of directors should be your very first step. The board can include physicians and solo practitioners. Each person can bring new knowledge to the table. Keep in mind they all need to work well together. The time commitment from each member is huge. The team should keep each other updated with news every week either by email or setting up a phone conference.

Hire Early

Begin hiring your staff (administrators and nurses) about two months before the surgery center opens. This allows ample time for the staff to be trained, and they can help spot any discrepancies.

Select the Best Physicians

It’s important to hire physicians that possess the same top-notch quality your center will have. “A well-managed facility can act like a center of gravity attracting other successful and qualified physicians who want to be part of a well-run ASC,” says Jordan Fowler, the founder and CEO of Frontier Healthcare. “We try to make sure that new physician have standards commensurate with the  group. We’ve seen firsthand how attractive a well-managed site can be.”

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