Are You Involved in a Job Search?

Many of us have degrees and experience under our belts, but it can still be tough to find a job in this economy. According to an article on Forbes, there are a few easy factors to implement and ease your stress.

Think Outside the Box

I’m sure you’ve heard this plenty of times…network, network, and network! Plan to go to a couple of conferences and meetings each month. Also, work with a recruiter. Recruiters, like us, have new jobs coming in every week and their able to share the opportunities with you, and pair you up with your ideal job. Let us do all the hard work!

Don’t Just Take the First Job!

If a company wants to hire you, but you know that job would make you miserable, don’t take it. Keep searching for jobs that match your interests. Think about whether this position is in your field of study and ask yourself…would this make you happy 5 years down the road?

Make two lists:

1) List your “dream” job details of responsibilities, location, and salary

2) Do the same with details for a job you are willing to settle with

Stay Positive

Looking for a job can easily bring on stress and anxiety to anyone. Keep yourself surrounded with positive people to help lift your mood. When applying for jobs all day, remember to take breaks and go do something fun. You’ll be recharged to start another round of job searching.

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Read the full article on Forbes here. 


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