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Advantages Surgery Centers Afford Physicians

A few advantages that physicians can gain when investing in surgery centers are:

  • Surgeons have more control.
    • Allows for the ability to control their own environment and treat patients with the best care possible.
    • Out of the models available for ASCs a popular form are single-specialty groups
      • Typically this entails adding a small surgery center connected to their practice.
    • It makes logistics easier for staff and patients.
  • Physician owned centers are incentivized to provide better care to patients.
    • Quality of care is higher in ASCs because surgeons are invested financially and clinically in the success of their patients.
    • This incentive doesn’t exist with hospital employment.
  • Healthcare reform Awards the strength of ASCs.
    • Legislation aims to promote higher quality, more cost efficient care
      • Surgery centers have perfected a system of low-complication, lower-cost care.
    • Outpatient centers are contusive for surgeons to invest in and also provide great healthcare at a lower cost compared to the hospital which is a competitive advantage to the patient.
  • More procedures are becoming outpatient.
    • Advancements in technology make it possible to bring more procedures into the ambulatory surgery center setting.
    • Investing now can put physicians ahead of the curve for the future.


What disadvantages that you see for physician owned centers?


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