Accepting Change In Your Career

d63d90e578b59dcb31c2c43fd8620b12Changing careers is not a relatively new phenomenon, and there are vast numbers of people who are considering making that change, but as my expertise has taught me, many people  are extremely uncomfortable with change, and generally like to avoid it as much as possible…especially when it comes to their career.

It’s clear that the Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) world is changing, and slowly but surely, people are welcoming change with a little more optimism than they had previously.

There may be a number of factors for why this is happening; maybe it’s a new boss, maybe your ASC is closing, or maybe because you have the point in your career that a new center seems like a fun and exciting new challenge?

As the wise Heraclitus once said “The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change”; it is inevitable in today’s job market. More and more people are changing their mindsets to accept this change and face this reality head on!

So what is the best way to face change in your career today?

Staying in One Place Can Hurt You:

You may have became too comfortable in your role or you may be afraid of how another Surgery Center functions, but keep in mind, the more versatile your portfolio…the better you look! This doesn’t mean changing jobs every year, but it does mean, continuing your education or obtaining a new certification, expanding your knowledge of the business and clinical aspects of your center, or allowing yourself the opportunity to work with physicians in multiple specialties.

Bottom line; companies are always trying to cut expenses and save money, so don’t be surprised if there comes a time when you are deemed an excess cost.  Should that occur, by keeping a pro-active approach to your knowledge you will minimize any opportunity to become unattractive to the candidate market.

How to turn it around: Embrace change with open arms and see it as a challenge and a way to improve and hone your skills. This will help you in overcoming any foreseeable change with a positive outlook!

You are in Control of Change:

Staying in control of the situation is key. Whether the change is expected or unexpected, remember…you are the only person that can determine your desired outcome. With a  positive outlook, you will minimize making irrational decisions based on emotion, and it will help you avoid any unnecessary stresses that are associated with these changes.

The Power of Knowledge:

The reason most people fear change is because they don’t understand it or don’t understand how it will affect their personal or professional lives.  Through research and understanding, you will give yourself the power of understanding and allow yourself to answer the unknown questions lying ahead.  In the end, if you have the power of knowledge over change, you will be prepared to combat it by making rational decisions, based on sound judgment, which can only positively impact your life.


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